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Conventional foams used for sofa cushions and other indoor seating and bedding applications. We have a large variety of foams to choose from to best fit your needs.

Outdoor foams or also know as Dryfast foam is specialized for outdoor applications because of its superb ability to allow water and other liquids to flow through it very easily. Excellent for outdoor seating applications such as outdoor furniture, patio furniture, garden furniture, or for use in boat cushions and boat bedding. Dryfast foam formulation is anti-microbial and will inhibit the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria.

memory foamMemory foam. Memory foam is an open cell foam, often referred to as viscoelastic polyurethane foam. It tends to be firmer in cooler temperatures and softer in warmer environments. Memory foam is often used in sleep products (mattresses, pillows, etc.). We carry memory foam in 3lb-5lb density. We have mattress size available and can cut to any thickness. 

Here at Foam Brothers Inc. you will find the necessary foam to fit all of your seating and bedding applications. Please call us if you have a specific type of foam that you need and we will try our best to match the exact foam quality and density. 

The largest size available is 82"x 96". Please be aware that when ordering pieces larger than this size the foam will be glued to meet the requested dimensions. There will be NO additional gluing charges.